Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My new website

Hey family and friends, I am pleased to announce that I have a new website which will became the primary hub of my writing on the intersection of politics, government, and the Christian faith - LibertarianChristians.com. I hope that you will all consider checking it out and either subscribing to the RSS feed or the emails.

This blog will still be in operation but will be less frequent in updating, especially as I am building the site. But if you're looking for me on the World Wide Web, it won't be hard over at the new site! See you there!

Monday, December 08, 2008

The State silences pure talent

Tell me, can you deny that this kid has talent? Of course not, but since the state owns this kid they can tell him what he can and cannot do...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Right is wrong, part gazillion.

From the DUH News department, we find out that Obama is appointing war hawks and idiots that are so bad even the Right likes them. Who is the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?

Right-Wingers and Neocons Love Obama's Cabinet Appointments | War on Iraq | AlterNet
As Barack Obama's opus, Team of Rivals, continues its rolling debut, the early reviews are in and the "critics" are full of praise for the cast:

"[T]he new administration is off to a good start."
-- Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell.

"[S]uperb ... the best of the Washington insiders ... this will be a valedictocracy -- rule by those who graduate first in their high school classes."
-- David Brooks, conservative New York Times columnist

"[V]irtually perfect ... "
-- Senator Joe Lieberman, former Democrat and John McCain's top surrogate in the 2008 campaign.

-- Karl Rove, "Bush's brain."

"I am gobsmacked by these appointments, most of which could just as easily have come from a President McCain ... this all but puts an end to the 16-month timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, the unconditional summits with dictators, and other foolishness that once emanated from the Obama campaign ... [Hillary] Clinton and [James] Steinberg at State should be powerful voices for 'neo-liberalism' which is not so different in many respects from 'neo-conservativism.'"
-- Max Boot, neoconservative activist, former McCain staffer.

"I see them as being sort of center-right of the Democratic party."
-- James Baker, former Secretary of State and the man who led the theft of the 2000 election.

"[S]urprising continuity on foreign policy between President Bush's second term and the incoming administration ... certainly nothing that represents a drastic change in how Washington does business. The expectation is that Obama is set to continue the course set by Bush ... "
-- Michael Goldfarb of the neoconservative Weekly Standard.

"I certainly applaud many of the appointments ... "
-- Senator John McCain

"So far, so good."
-- Senator Lamar Alexander, senior Republican Congressional leader.

Hillary Clinton will be "outstanding" as Secretary of State
-- Henry Kissinger, war criminal

Rahm Emanuel is "a wise choice" in the role of Chief of Staff
-- Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, John McCain's best friend.

Obama's team shows "Our foreign policy is non-partisan."
-- Ed Rollins, top Republican strategist and Mike Huckabee's 2008 campaign manager

"The country will be in good hands."
-- Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush's Secretary of State

Monday, December 01, 2008

How to Establish Domestic Fascism

So, anybody still not convinced that we are steadily moving towards totalitarianism?

Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security
The U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials.

The long-planned shift in the Defense Department's role in homeland security was recently backed with funding and troop commitments after years of prodding by Congress and outside experts, defense analysts said.

There are critics of the change, in the military and among civil liberties groups and libertarians who express concern that the new homeland emphasis threatens to strain the military and possibly undermine the Posse Comitatus Act, a 130-year-old federal law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement.

Friday, November 28, 2008

BSG Season 4.5 Preview ONLINE!

The Epic Journey - Season 4.5 | Videos | SCI FI Video

Are you excited? I am thrilled because it's about time!