Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rothbard as a Govern*mental* Detox

You know, reading Murray Rothbard is like getting a detox. He says things that shatter your mind with truth so profoundly, you just want to puke. I dare you to read the following essay and see what I mean:

Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, The Anatomy of the State

To try and get you to do so, here's a quote from the first paragraph:

"With the rise of democracy, the identification of the State with society has been redoubled, until it is common to hear sentiments expressed which violate virtually every tenet of reason and common sense such as, "we are the government." The useful collective term "we" has enabled an ideological camouflage to be thrown over the reality of political life. If "we are the government," then anything a government does to an individual is not only just and untyrannical but also "voluntary" on the part of the individual concerned. If the government has incurred a huge public debt which must be paid by taxing one group for the benefit of another, this reality of burden is obscured by saying that "we owe it to ourselves"; if the government conscripts a man, or throws him into jail for dissident opinion, then he is "doing it to himself" and, therefore, nothing untoward has occurred. Under this reasoning, any Jews murdered by the Nazi government were not murdered; instead, they must have "committed suicide," since they were the government (which was democratically chosen), and, therefore, anything the government did to them was voluntary on their part. One would not think it necessary to belabor this point, and yet the overwhelming bulk of the people hold this fallacy to a greater or lesser degree."

I can get your password...

One Man’s Blog » How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords

Well, maybe I can't, but this guy might. One Man's Blog explains how important a good password really is. This is really good stuff!

Monday, March 26, 2007

"Natural Law always buries its undertakers..."

Quoted from Murray Rothbard's Ethics of Liberty. It's a very cool book, and I'm looking forward to getting it soon.

I will be receiving a copy of Ron Paul's new book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom, very soon from the SOURCE. Paul's grand-daughter is a friend of mine and will be getting a copy for me. I'm hoping it will be signed! (Please oh please oh please!!!)

The Mises Institute is having a 25% off sale this month on all items they publish with the LvMI imprint. That's huge. Take advantage of it while you can!

I recently read the V for Vendetta graphic novel. It ROCKS. There are certain things I like better than the movie, and certain parts I think the movie does better. All in all, the movie may be different but they both ROCK.

Also, my few, precious, loyal readers, I will be posting soon about the season 3 finale to Battlestar Galactica, aired just yesterday on the SciFi Channel. Much has happened that has yet to be explained, but fear not, for I have a theory. Could it relate to Murray Rothbard? Of course it can...