Saturday, December 13, 2003

Where is my mind?

You are probably all wondering where I've been in the last few weeks... Well, let me tell you... I feel like I've been to the ends of the earth and back.

First, there was Thanksgiving. What a great time! I had so much fun hanging out with friends, playing paintball, eating tons of food, and playing games. Thanks to all who made this Thanksgiving the best ever!

Second, Madrigal Dinners. Otherwise known as "Hell Week", because when you're one of the key players in the direction of the performances, you have quite a lot on your mind. I was the script-writer and stage director this year. Effectively, I monitored the performance as it progressed and made sure everything was going smoothly. This was already on top of the 30-so-odd pieces of music I had to sing or play. As my friends who attended probably could attest, I was having a lot of fun but was rather stressed.

Third, this week, otherwise known as "Dead Week". During dead week you're not supposed to have as much due because you should be studying for finals. Hardly anything happens during dead week, most campus organizations won't have meetings and such, but overall it is usually a pretty laid back week for me -- but not this time. My "evil" professor of the semester had given us these ridiculously hard project problems that basically spent all my week's time. I haven't started studying for finals yet because of them. On Wednesday I broke my record for time spent on campus, I was in Shrenk (Chemistry building) a grand total of 14:55 minutes. Time flies when you're doing stupid projects. You know, another thing that bugs me about these project problems is that NOBODY in the class is learning anything from them! Our prof is sooooo terrible that NOBODY really knows what's going on in the first place, and we're just sick of playing his games. All this is over now... So I can start studying for my finals! Good thing I only have two in-class finals and one take-home final this semester!

Finals week should be one of the better weeks of this semester, though, actually I'm looking forward to some calm days. Bet you never thought you would hear someone say that! Welcome to my life...