Friday, February 27, 2004

And we keep driving into the night...

... It's a late goodbye...

Random song off of an interesting computer game...

The blogs have been pretty slow lately, but that's okay considering the flurry of activity a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, Rolla life is about normal, but here's the latest news:

I have a recording studio now. I bought a bunch of equipment to turn my computer into an all-digital recording station. I haven't acquired a vocal mic yet, but I do have a special Octava mic for acoustic guitar. New toys are soooo cool.

I've been reading so much lately it's ridiculous. I think in the last month alone I have read upwards of 1000 pages of stuff. Homework and extra studies keep you very busy. lim(f(nerd-dom))@t->now = g(ubergeek)/h(fun) = infinity, by l'Hopital's rule. If you just understood that then you are a kindred spirit.

Listened to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album. Holy toledo was it awesome! Never heard anything like it. Buy the Columbia reissue, it's worth every cent.

There's an intelligent design forum at UMR next Wednesday. I wonder if I had anything to do with this? No matter, I will attend and see what happens. I bought a few new books on ID, but I don't think I'll have them read by then.

God is good. Peace.