Friday, October 06, 2006

News on Quantum Teleportation

Here's some science news for today:

The Science Blog reports on quantum teleportation today. Keep in mind that this sort of teleportation is not Star Trek style. You're not poofing atoms from one place to another. Rather, this is a communication transferrance, and hence is applicable to quantum computing or quantum cryptography. I'm not really sure why it got tagged as "teleportation" at all, because it's an entanglement phenomena and it isn't what people expect when they hear about it.

Damn Interesting posted a classic article today on German theoretical physicist Burkhard Heim, who developed an extremely advanced theory that claims to rectify the differences between quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of relativity. The result is a theoretical framework that provides for the basis of a hyperdrive to travel through interstellar space. I know nothing about this sort of thing or whether this is even close to feasible, but if it is eventually proven true than Heim will clearly go down in history with the likes of Newton, Leibniz, Plank, Bohr, and Einstein.