Monday, November 12, 2007

We have just begun to fight.

All you skeptics out there who think Paul doesn't have a chance, start paying attention!

What Republican can raise 4.3 million bucks in 24 hours from 40,000 different donors?

Who else can claim first place for donation money from military men and women?

Who else has over 1000 groups? Heck, who has over 100?

Who can claim strict constitutionalism as the hallmark of his campaign?

Who else can get 5000 people to come to a political rally these days?

Fred is dead. McCain is broke. Rudy and Mitt are not even conservative. And they're all statists.

There is only one: Ron Paul. It's not even worth telling you to get ready, because the rEVOLution is here. The message to you: get on board. Get involved. Get moving.

Ron Paul Philadelphia Veterans’ Rally Draws 5,000 - News -