Monday, June 23, 2008

Link roundup 6/22

Can McCain claim the Ron Paul votes? -- No, he can't.

Libertarians 'may send a message' to the GOP - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review -- That's more like it.

The Media Did Fail Us - by Alan Bock -- They were more interested in seeing if the White House strategy was working than challenging the rationale for the war.

Imperial 'Justice'- by Justin Raimondo -- When the Mafia kills a bunch of innocent people (and are subsequently let off in trial), no one hesitates to call it mass homicide. When it's the Marines and the "bunch of people" are overseas, it's considered patriotism. But either way, it's organized crime.

Reflections on the Origin and the Stability of the State by Hans-Hermann Hoppe -- A well-articulated argument against typical statist dogma.