Thursday, November 06, 2003

Homestar makes headlines

Wouldn't you know, good ol'Homestar Runner has his 15 minutes of fame in the Missouri-Miner, the University newspaper. I thought it was funny, so I'll share it with you.
~The Yellow Dart

Homestar Runner as a basis for society
By Laura Warren

Well, since I am not exactly a fan of the hate mail, I decided to avoid a controversial topic this week. Thus, those of you who have ever visited, prepare to be amused.

In my year of watching the wonderfully amusing cartoons on this website, I have noticed many parallels between the characters and various types of people we run into in the real world (yes, there is a world outside of your computers and Rolla, believe it or not). Thus, I give you how the characters of fit into the real world (or just whatever I happen to think of related to a character).

So without further ado, in alphabetical order we have:

Bubs: Grease monkey, McDonalds worker, whatever you wish to call it, Bubs is the person you depend on for conveniences that for some reason no one can live without.

The Cheat: The Cheat (my favorite character) is the little devil that runs about playing pranks on everyone. But, he's so well loved, no one ever suspects or blames him for anything. He may seem to be Strong Bad's lackey, but the Cheat has masterminded plenty of pranks on his own.

Homestar Runner: Homestar is the "slow" athlete. He thinks he's in charge, but really, he's incompetent at anything outside of whatever athletics he's involved in. He even has the moronic girlfriend.

The King of Town: The King of Town seems to be a caricature of the corrupt, bumbling career politician. Other examples of this role could be Mayor Quimby of The Simpsons, or Dick Gephardt of the St. Louis and Jefferson County areas. This type of person seems to be in charge, but is just an idiot who looks for publicity opportunities, and does nothing to benefit the area in which they supposedly have influence (unless it benefits them). Oh, and he also reminds me of the Hamburgler.

Marzipan: Marzipan is the dirty hippie of the bunch. If she were not so busy protesting everything, I could see her sitting around smoking weed, strumming on her guitar. Silly hippies...

The Poopsmith: The Poopsmith is the perfect example of the hardworking laborer. They may not have much a job, but they do it, whether they like it or not, they get paid, and they go home. The job may suck, but someone has to do it.

Strong Bad: Strongbad is a fine example of a teenage bullyboy with too much time on his hands. He is constantly causing trouble for others to gain amusement out of it. He cheats his way to get ahead in life, with a modicum of success.

Strong Sad: Strong Sad, the eternally depressed brother of Strong Bad, as well as the butt of many jokes, reminds me of the rock in the Zoloft commercials. Heck, his face even looks like the rock! He is just a big, misunderstood teddy bear who really needs to learn how to have some fun. Maybe he should try drinking...

What can I say - I have too much time on my hands.