Sunday, November 02, 2003

What I Will Be

I'm going out on a limb here... but I don't think it matters anymore.

There has been a lot of occurrences in the past few weeks lately that have involved romantic relationships. Without going into details about this, I want to propose something that has been on my mind lately, and that may to some people be a tad revolutionary. Sometimes we concern ourselves too much with finding someone to love rather than being someone who can be loved; being the type of person who a lady/gentleman would be honored to have as a spouse. This change of thought can occur once you realize that God has in mind someone special for you, and in due time, once He knows you are ready, will reveal that portion of His will to you. After the fact, you can prepare for the day that you will become united with your spouse, rather than worry about the whole issue.

This is what I will be, what I will offer, for my wife:
God-centered - More than anything my allegiance will be to Holy God, Jehovah.
Integrity - I will be consistent in what I say and do.
Character - I will exemplify what it means to be a servant of Christ by considering others before myself.
Trustworthy - She will be able to have full confidence in me.
Loyal - I will keep my oath of faithfulness to her.
Perseverance - I understand what it means to bear up under trouble and stay the course.
Patience - I will be level-headed and even-tempered. Anger will only occur when it is demanded of me by conscience and the Word of God.
Humility - I know my limitations and am not afraid to admit wrong. Moreso and again, I will serve my family, the household of Believers, and my fellow man.
Confidence - Even in humility, I will be confident in my ability to do whatever it takes to accompish goals.
Courage - I will not shrink back when trouble comes in whatever form - the meaning of Godly courage.
Leadership - I will provide physical and spiritual leadership, keeping in mind that he who believes himself to be a leader must first and foremost be a servant.

"But Norman," you ask, "don't you want to be a fun, nice, romantic guy?" Yes I do, but don't you see how minor this is compared to the bigger issues? Can't we understand that it is easy to show a girl a good time, and that it is much more difficult to have the character of a Godly man? Most of us don't have to work very hard to be fun and cheerful. Let's strive to be people who are more interested in what they bring into a marriage than what the other has to give.

I'm sure I've missed some important qualities, feel free to comment on what I have forgotten. (When you write on the fly and do very little editing, you miss things...)

Well, it looks like I've got a long way to go... but if I'm good at one thing, it's never giving up.