Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Nothing else to write about...

... so I'll tell you my schedule for this semester and the next. Oh what fun!

This semester I'm taking and their respective subtitles:
Chemistry 251 Lab OR how to play with toys and get bad grades
Chemistry 251 - Instrumental Methods Lecture OR theory of toys that get you bad grades
Chemistry 244 - Chemical Kinetics Lab OR how to become an MS Excel major
Chem. Eng. 235 - Separations OR how to make a distillation column
Chem. Eng. 237 - Continuous Mass Transfer OR how much can YOU memorize in one hour?
Statistics 213 - Applied Eng. Stat. OR how to laugh at stupid college students
Music History 1 OR can we spin your head in 3/4 time or 4/4?

Next semester's schedule? I just finished it this afternoon, one class is dependent on the project being accepted by NASA... Sorry no subtitles... yet.

Chem. Eng. 145 - Chemical Process Materials
Chem. Eng. 234 - Chemical Eng. Laboratory 1
Chem. Eng. 247 - Molecular Chemical Eng.
Chem. Eng. 281 - Chemical Reactor Design
Music History 2 (now you can have your head spin in 5/8 time)
Undergraduate Research OR Eng. 60 - Writing and Research (boooooo) if the research doesn't work out...

That's all for now.