Sunday, October 05, 2003

What am I doing here?!?!?

So the legendary three day weekend is coming up... But there's still homework to do. Thursday afternoon we begin the Chem251 homework, thinking we would finish by 5pm. Boy were we wrong! We knew it wouldn't be easy, but this was ridiculous. The difficulty level was far beyond what we had learned, and we got nowhere in the 4 hours we worked on it.

So I pushed back my departure time to Friday afternoon. We begin working on it at 9:30am... and we're still not done by 3:30pm. I haven't even started the Chem244 lab report yet! I have a HUGE test in transport phenomena next thursday! I need to catch up on reading! AND THE 251 HOMEWORK STILL ISN'T FINISHED!!!

Forget going home, I say, I need to work. So I worked this weekend. Yay. There were 5 people in our house the entire weekend (out of 37 residents), which was actually a good thing because there were far fewer distractions than a normal weekend at the CCH.

I've been able to chill a little bit - we watched Equilibrium and went to Dairy Queen - but otherwise I've been working straight through the weekend.

And I'm still not done... :-)

It's a good thing I love chemistry and chemical engineering because otherwise I would be a very unhappy person.