Thursday, October 23, 2003

Computer Upgrade

This is officially the first post for my blog on the new computer I built. Since there isn't anything particularly worthy of note right now (besides the fact I can't find the sign error in my study notes, grr), I'll just post the specs of this beautiful machine and let you ooooh and aaaah over it's majesty...

Gigabyte GA-7VAX dual-bios motherboard, KT-400 chipset
AMD Athlon 2200+ (Glacial tech heat sink)
512MB DDR400 RAM
ATI-Radeon 7500 64MBVRAM video
80GB Western Digital Caviar with 8MB buffer
Sony CD-RW, 52x24x52x
Windows XP Home (eventually with Linux dual-boot)
Envision 15" flat panel monitor

aaaand... I'm done.