Monday, May 08, 2006

Articles worth reading...

To Rule is to Destroy :: A fantastic article calling for radical reform in the classical-liberal sense - free markets & non-intervention. This is exactly why I believe radical change is necessary for the preservation of freedom for ourselves, our children, our churches, our nation, our world. We cannot stand by and let either Republican, Democrat, or bureaucrat keep slowly cutting into our God-given freedom. I agree with Ludvig von Mises that the principle way this change will occur is through education, and I encourage you to think deeply about what the government is doing both at home and abroad and judge for yourselves. We need to understand the problems at hand and be able to argue persuasively to others, then give them the solution – free markets, an intervention-less government, a simple judicial system. I refuse to end up like Europe, under complete socialism.

Who Owns the Internet? :: The net-neutrality debate is going haywire. Whoever thought government could solve this problem should know better. Congress doesn't have a clue about science or technology, and would YOU let your tech company be run by somebody who knows nothing about the subject? This is a clear calling for de-regulating the communications industry and abolishing the FCC.

Congress apparently has passed a bill to punish so-called "price-gougers" of oil. What a crock. Read Cato's article and the Mises blog for info on this latest development.