Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is the only real post I've ever put on Xanga... and now it's here...


I find it quite interesting that so many of my friends are into Xanga. I actually remember when it first started. I had been running a blog for quite a while at the time, and then suddenly, out of the blue, my Rolla friends started using Xanga for their personal website. This was curious, because I had been using Blogger for quite a while and felt it was a superior service. I wanted to be able to comment on my friend's xanga sites, though, so I started my own, posted that my real blog was somewhere else, and moved on with my life.

Now, years later, I find that my St. Louis friends have moved to using Xanga, shortly after I restarted my old blog. I still think that Blogger is superior, but there are obvious benefits to using Xanga. The email updates are probably the primary one, but there are other features which make Xanga quite useful to some people. Anyway, suffice to say that I am pleased to see my friends enjoying the benefits and community of blogging. It truly is a wonderful experience.

For those interested, it isn't intuitively obvious how to get a Xanga site to work in an XML format for an RSS feed, but there is a way. At the home location of the Xanga page you want in XML, go to the address bar and put a "/rss" by the address. An XML page will result and you can cut/paste into your feed reader. For example, you would type the following into your address bar (click on the link to see the XML):