Thursday, August 31, 2006

Governor Rick Perry calls for a "Special Election"

Libertarian congressional candidate Bob Smither has an amazing opportunity in Texas district 22 to make a difference in the November election due to scuzbucket Tom DeLay’s scandals and withdrawal from the election. But look what Rick Perry, our glorious governor [/sarcasm], did [edit] to "facilitate damage control" for the rest of the congressional session [end edit, apologies]. They’re getting desperate, and this displays that, at the very least, the GOP here in Texas, outside of Ron Paul, has very little principle…

Special Election Set For the Texas District 22 Race

There are some new developments in the race for Texas's 22nd Congressional District.
From the Houston Chronicle:

“Gov. Rick Perry ordered on Tuesday a special election for the unexpired term of U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay to coincide with the general election Nov. 7, when only two months will remain on DeLay's term. Candidates wishing to run in the special election must file with the Texas Secretary of State by 5 p.m. Friday.”

Here is the response from Stephen Gordon, Communications Director for the Libertarian Party:

“Our founding fathers fought and died to prevent Americans from being taxed without adequate representation. Governor Perry could have called for a special election some time ago to ensure that the voters of Texas 22 were properly represented in Congress.

As opposed to governing in a responsible manner, Perry's priority is to facilitate Republican Party damage control in the wake of Tom DeLay scandals and the GOP failure to place a candidate on the ballot for the general election. Once again, Republican leadership has violated the trust of the voters.”

While there will be two names on the general election ballot in November, voters who prefer responsible government and constitutional leadership have but one choice: Libertarian Bob Smither.

From the Libertarian Party Blog

Is this the way that a politician should go about acting? I think not. Responsible government doesn’t call special favors for itself…