Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Values Voters Debate

The so-called Values Voters Debate was held last night. Supposedly this was going to inform values voters on who would best represent them as President of the United States. But eerily consistent with the past six years, these Republicans have forgotten that aggressive war is not pro-life. If they understood this simple statement, they would see that Ron Paul is their only answer.

These Republicans have also forgotten that the freedom that we afford others to do what they will without aggression is the same freedom that protects our right to practice our religion without fear. When these voters come back to their roots, to true Christian values as they so often claim that they want, they will see. And eventually they will do so, it just takes time.

The results: Huckabee won with 219 votes, Ron Paul second with 44.

Here are some comments from the LewRockwell.com blog about the debate:
Chris Sinnard writes: "It's like comedic gold. It seems that Huckabee 'won' the debate according to the delegates, i.e. the religious right is ready to get behind Huck for VP and let him drag them kicking and screaming behind Frudy McRomney. The lady said it was a 'message from God' that the Huckster pulled through.

"The best part though had to be when the moderator asked them what Jesus would think of Ron invoking His name (i.e. calling him the Prince of Peace). The rabbi basically said that warmongering is ok because there is war in the Bible. They sat there and tried to justify their warmongering through religion; it was... interesting; and then the blonde from the panel claimed that Paul, and I quote, 'cherry picks' the Bible, you know, for the peacenik parts. Then more claiming that God wants Huckabee to run."

Anthony Gregory writes
: Brownback also seems to think Clinton "saved" Muslims by murdering Serbs (and Muslims). Better to have a cheating, dishonest, treasonous, lecherous Democrat in the White House bombing civilians, than a humble man heading a humble foreign policy, apparently...
Ron just gave a great statement of his faith in God as the Prince of Peace and the problem with killing innocents in an unjust war in the name of God over things like secular geographical boundaries. I hope the quote is online soon, since it's a truly beautiful statement.

Michael Wagner writes: "I was at the Value Voters Debate. It was a tough crowd for Ron. I was sitting in the delegate section and was able to vote, unlike most of the audience. Most of the people around me had absolutely no idea what Ron was talking about. When he he answered a question about 'the homosexual agenda' and started talking about how we get our rights from our Creator as individuals not groups a lady behind me (a inister's wife, I think) said, 'Does he mean that they have a right to be homosexual?' I felt like getting up, confronting the woman. and saying, 'Yeah, homosexuals have rights, get over it. If you think it's a sin, minister to them but don't try to use government to enforce your prejudice.' I didn't, but I sure was tempted.

YouTube - Ron Paul at the Value Voters Debate