Saturday, November 15, 2008

Need a laptop battery?

I own an IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop, and I use it to do most of my work for UT, AGST, and the church. It has functioned as an excellent tool for a long time, save for one issue: battery life. From the start, it lasted only about an hour, and it continually declined in quality over time. Now, the battery only holds up for about 15 minutes. Pretty bad, eh?

So I started looking around the net for new batteries. They ain't cheap, lemme tell ya. But I found some nice sites that specialized in replacement batteries for electronics of all sorts. Enter Not only did they have some an excellent selection, but they also have a student discount program. I thought, "what the hey, maybe they're serious..." and filled out the app. Within a day, I got an email saying they were more than happy to give me a discounted new battery. I called their phone, and had a great conversation with one of their head guys (Steve). He's a Christian interested in doing more than good business - he's also looking to help the environment through free market means by promoting eco-friendly rechargeable batteries.

I think these guys are pretty smart. They bought me as a customer AND they're working to spread some good around. That's some swell business right there. This is one of the easiest and best online shopping experiences I've had. Maybe if you're looking for a new battery for your laptop, camera, cell phone, or pretty much any electronic device you can imagine, you can check them out too.

So yeah, this is kind of like a sales pitch, but so what? Why not commend these folks who are doing good, honest business and talk about how they helped me out? That's the stuff the free market is made of!

Best of luck to you, Steve and the crew...