Saturday, April 17, 2004

It is done.

Making the Collegium Musicum CD in FIVE DAYS was definitely the most ambitious, insane, hair-brained idea I think I have ever accomplished.

In a period of nigh 120 hours I have recorded nearly 40 pieces of music in around 60-70 takes, engineered/mixed 25 of those songs (~60min of tracks), bought all materials, produced liner notes, printed CD labels, burned over 100 discs, assembled CD's, and while we were at it I had a radio interview to promote the show. I have done nothing this week besides work on that CD and study for the multiple exams I had this week (oh yeah, and do two homework assignments). I have stared at a computer quite literally for at least 10 hours a day. I have forgotten to eat, forgotten to shower, forgotten to sleep, and probably forgotten other stuff but I can't remember.

Yes, I am a total fool. But now this is done, and it sure feels good!

The performance is tomorrow, 2pm. CD's are $5 if I don't have to ship it. Order one, they're cool...