Thursday, April 29, 2004

Isn't that Funny? Part 2

Well whaddaya know, hard work does pay off! I found out today that my linguistic humor paper won first place in the UMR 3rd Annual Writing Contest in the Humanities Research Paper category! Yay!

So I received a cool-looking, framable certificate, a $25 gift certificate to the bookstore, and a copy of the 2004 Winning Essays book that the UMR Writing Center prints every year. (However, the book won't be ready until next semester.)

To see this stinkin' awesome paper, click here.

Haha, what a joke... By the way, my Chet Atkins paper is almost finished, expect it to be posted in about a week. I actually decided to use some of the material in my previous blog post in my conclusion. I figure that this paper is about as personal as a humanities paper can get, so why not include personal points?

There are only two weeks of school left, then I'm off to work in KC! I am really excited about the prospects of working with Honeywell again, as well as seeing some old friends. I'll be living with former-CCF-worship-leader James Bruce in his house, a little north of where I lived last summer. I'm looking forward to not having my work follow me home every night. Holy moly that will be great! I'll be working on a full-length classical guitar album over the summer, I am purposing to practice more than I ever have before. Of course, I will also be preparing for the EIT, GRE, and for grad school stuff. I also will be doing a lot of reading and goofing off. Busy? Yeah, it will be fun.

This last week has been fantastic! God has been so good, so faithful, so forgiving. Praise be to God the Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives new life day by day and continues to pour his blessings richly upon us!