Sunday, May 13, 2007

The "Ron Paul Effect"

ABC News: The Ron Paul Effect: Boomlet or Savvy Supporters?

After the GOP presidential candidate debate two Thursday's back, the internet was aflame with Ron Paul. Seriously, the online polls, search polls, and more all indicated that it was indeed Ron Paul vs. fifteen GWB-look-alikes, and Ron Paul won. But ABC News thinks not. Without any evidence, they say in this article that Ron Paul really lost because it must have been some libertarian in his underwear click-forging his way to a Ron Paul victory.

At least they are admitting that Ron Paul "won". Maybe now he'll get the mainstream media attention he deserves for being the only GOP candidate with enough guts to stand up for principle and oppose the Federal Warfare and Welfare Leviathan.

Free Market News Network responds to ABC News

And here's the press release from Ron Paul's page:

Press Release

Ron Paul Builds Momentum


May 8, 2007

ARLINGTON, VA – Congressman Ron Paul's support has soared since the first Republican presidential debate. Conservative commentator John McLaughlin, host of “The McLaughlin Group," cited Ron Paul as having given "the best performance of the debate." In fact, the Paul campaign's apparent strength has many other pundits scrambling to explain it. Paul campaign officials offer the following examples of the candidate's rising success.

Since the debate on May 3, Ron Paul:

* Handily won two post-debate polls posted by event sponsor MSNBC

* Placed a close third (18%) in a post-debate poll on the conservative Drudge Report

* Won an online debate poll with 84%

* Won a C-SPAN online GOP candidate poll with 69%

* Became the third most-mentioned person in the blogosphere, beating out Paris Hilton, according to the reputable

* Produced a video that was ranked the 8th most popular overall video, and the most-viewed political video

* Was featured, by popular demand, on the front of

* Generated so many bulletin posts on that the site owner News Corp. blocked all additional posts about Dr. Paul

* Became a "most searched" term on Google and Yahoo!

* Saw a quadrupling of daily visitors to

"These figures speak for themselves," said campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "Ron Paul has quickly become a strong contender for the GOP nomination because of his powerful message of freedom and limited government."