Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Post...

Here's a flurry of interesting news items in summary...

The Wealth of Networks: This book is about how open-source software, research, and information technology have created an exciting surge in productivity across the world. This could prove to be quite a seminal work. The author has also created a wikimedia page for open collaboration and learning.

One Read Paperclip: In the beginning, there was a paperclip. It was red. He traded it away. Now he has a year's free rent in Phoenix, airplane flights, and two tickets to a Diamondbacks game. Tomorrow, he's on Good Morning America.

Librarian accused of sexual harassment for a book suggestion: Now here's a good one. Scott Savage, a librarian, has been accused by Ohio State University (his employer) of sexual harassment for suggesting that freshmen read The Marketing of Evil by David Kupelian. Check out the book, I'm putting it on my reading list.

The Tax Man Cometh... after iTunes? Now the government wants to put a sales tax digital media downloads, what a big surprise. Gag me, please.

The Rationale of the Mises Institute: If you have any interest in freedom, read this.

Nihilist Job Resume: Humor for the morning coffee break.

Say no to the Real ID Card Act

Lab-on-a-chip Blood Tests: LOAC's are nothing new to me, but this is a rather recent, important development in the development of advanced medical technology for quick diagnostics. Neat tech...