Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Umm, what is the logic behind this?

Piracy vs. Child Pornography

The Inquirer reports that under a new law that might be passed by our ever-so-ingenious (probably more like disingenuous) Federal Government, bigger punishments would be given to people who burn a cd for a friend than to those who participate in child pornography. You have to follow a couple of links to get to the original Cnet article, but this quote is telling enough:

"Although sentencing varies in the US, the new law does send a very strange message as to what the government considers 'bad' in the 21st century.

For example assaulting a police officer will get you five years, downloading child porn will get you seven years, assaulting without a weapon will get you ten years and aggravated assault six years.

So in other words if you copy a Disney CD and sell it you will be in the same league as a paedophile who is distributing pictures of sexual attacks on children.

If you copy Craig David's CD you get ten years, but if you punch him in the face and pummel him into a seven day coma you will only get six."